‘Kong: Skull Island’ post-credit scene explained

Yes, there is a post-credit scene and, yes...there's a lot more of these movies to look forward to!

If you're planning to check out 'Kong: Skull Island' this weekend, rest assured, there IS a post-credit scene.

So far, 'Kong: Skull Island' has been receiving some mixed reviews. While the plot was fairly straight forward and the characters were run-of-the-mill (save for John C. Reilly), there was a decent amount of action between Kong and the dreaded "Skull-Crawlers", which made it pretty entertaining once it picked up some momentum.

Thanks to the current climate of the film industry, there has been a surplus of "shared universe" movies; films that aren't necessarily sequels, but occupy the same continuity in relation to one another. Marvel Studios made this a household concept, Warner Bros. later came in with the inevitable DC Extended Universe, Universal is planning their classic monster-verse kicking off with 'The Mummy'. It's a burgeoning market and Legendary Pictures has begun their movie-verse, now with two established movies.

Well, with your common viewer now conditioned to stay until after the credits for that exclusive "post-credit" scene, many will get to see the one 'Kong' has laid out…which sets up something much, MUCH bigger!



The entire movie basically went out of its way to constantly mention that there are more monsters out there. "This world never blonged to us" and all that being a regular topic of dicussion. The people responsible for bringing this concept to light is apparently an "X-Files-y" government organization known as "Monarch".

The post-credit scene finds our heroes, James (Tom Hiddleston) and Mason (Brie Larson), in an interrogation room, trying to convince whoever is holding them that they know nothing of the island or the monsters, just so that they'll finally let them go. Upon revealing that their friend Houston (Corey Hawkins) was the one holding them, he explains to them why Monarch exists in the first place.

He proceeds to tell them about the other monsters that rightfully inherit the earth with a slideshow. The slideshow depicts some secret incident reports, photos of random destruction, and a series of cave drawings which showcase the silhouettes of Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Rodan. He says, "Kong isn't the only king", then the next slide shows the unmistakable image of the titan himself, Godzilla.

It was already announced that this version of Kong would do battle with the newest incarnation of Godzilla from his 2014 debut in the upcoming 'Godzilla vs King Kong'. Now it seems that Godzilla's rogues gallery of adversaries will be joining in…at least at some point. We know the next movie in line will be the sequel, 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters', but other than the big crossover, no other sequels have been announced. This scene must be the studio's subtle nod to the fact that they have a lot more planned for the coming years and not just from the two main heavy-weights themselves.