Konami: What Classic Games Should Appear on XBLA, PSN?

Oh, Konami, you’re such a tease! The Japanese publisher and developer recently posted an interesting little caption under the logo on their official Facebook page. The caption read, “In a perfect world, what previously released Konami classic would you like to see next on XBLA or PSN?”

I don’t think I need to stress that gamers will have different opinions. After all, Konami has released countless epics. Contra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metal Gear, Castlevania—the list goes on. Konami is host to many amazing IPs, and no doubt a handful deserve to be revived for digital distribution.

Of course, as much I love franchises such as Metal Gear, I’d have to agree with Destructoid on this one. I want The Simpsons Arcade Game as a downloadable title now! That game is easily one of my favorite Konami releases of all time if not my absolute favorite from the company, and it’s definitely my favorite beat ’em up. Also, I would like to avoid shelling out thousands of dollars in the future just to get my hands on the actual arcade cabinet.

What about you? What Konami classics do you want remade on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network? Do you think Konami is just playing with us by asking what games we want to see again?