Konami Ships Brooktown High for the PSP

May 22, 2007

Konami Ships Brooktown High for the PSP

Make the Grade as Big Man on Campus in the
First Dating Simulation Video Game for the PSP

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today
announced it has shipped Brooktown High to retail stores nationwide. The first
dating simulation for the PSP, Brooktown High lets players enjoy the drama,
energy and humor of high school life as they create their own unique look and
personality and attempt to take the boy or girl of their dreams to the senior

Immersing gamers in contemporary high school
culture, Brooktown High thrusts gamers against a backdrop of cliques, social
pressures and flirtatious co-eds. As they create their own unique character,
players will have to choose how their gender, clothes and personality impact
their perception by the Brooktown High student body. Making friends (or enemies)
with distinct social groups such as jocks, preppies, rebels and nerds, each
character will have a different high school experience as they take classes,
participate in extracurricular events and try to gain the affections of 20
unique students. Their smarts, looks, social skills and more all contribute to
an overall attraction gauge that will either make the player a field-playing
Casanova or a pocket protector-toting Poindexter.

As players become attracted to different
characters in Brooktown High, they can take their potential love interests on
dates to bring their relationships to the next step. In between
personality-defining conversations, players will participate in fast-paced
mini-games such as strip blackjack, dancing and make-out sessions that will make
or break their chances for prom night bliss. As each potential suitor has a
different personality and interests, players will need to plan out each date to
prepare for success, choosing from different locations such as the beach,
restaurants and weekend parties, and preparing their favorite pick up lines.

Developed by Backbone Entertainment, a division
of Foundation 9 Entertainment, Brooktown High has a suggested retail price of
$39.99 and is rated “T” for teen by the ESRB. For more information on Brooktown
High, please visit