Konami Reveals New 360-Degree Control System and More Key Gameplay Advances for PES 2010

August 20, 2009


Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. has announced that Pro
Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) will benefit from 360-degree control, further
elevating the unrivalled realism of the title. The announcement comes following
Konami’s close contact with the global network of PES and soccer fans, who have
played a key role in the development of the new game. Via forums and feedback,
the PES Productions team in Tokyo has canvassed opinion on elements fans hoped
to see included in PES 2010, and 360-degree control was part of the long list.

360-degree control will be available on the Xbox 360,
PLAYSTATION 3 via the analogue sticks on the respective controllers. The system
will allow players to spread the ball with ease, opening up new attack and
defense opportunities. PLAYSTATION 3 owners will also benefit when using the
Dual Shock’s D-Pad, though the Xbox 360 is limited to eight-directional control
due to technical limitations of the hardware.

Konami has also confirmed a number of similarly crowd-pleasing
elements as requested by the fan base, including:

Manual Goalkeepers: PES 2010 will be the only soccer
title to offer users complete control of the keeper. Players can switch to their
goalkeeper at any time, and defend their goal as they see fit without relying on

New Goalkeeper Moves: Players can now perform quick under-arm throws to
their nearest defender to get attacks rolling more quickly. 

All-New Animation: Key animation related to dribbling, running, turning,
etc, has been reworked and enhanced, creating a more natural and organic feel to
the way players chase down balls, sprint downfield, change direction and move
around the pitch. The result is a more fluid and natural look to the game. 

Fine-tuned Close Control: The PES Productions team has worked to improve
trapping of the ball and basic close control elements, giving the user more ways
to spread and move the ball around effortlessly and more accurately.

Manual Ball Request: The ability to demand the ball when running into
space is now available to the player, and will be accessible in all game modes,
such as multi-player, online, etc. 

Simpler Skills: Moves such as feints, drag backs and upper body feints
can be applied more naturally when taking on or trying to beat an opponent. The
PES series has long been associated with clever flicks and tricks, and PES 2010
will boast the most to date. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is scheduled to be released in Fall
2009 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft,
PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2, and PSP. For more information, please visit: