Konami Reveals Characters from Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

August 18, 2009

Konami Reveals Characters from
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

Players Are Invited to Meet the
Cast of All New Game Coming to PLAYSTATION Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
today unveiled character details from the upcoming tactical role-playing game,
Vandal Hearts: Flame of Judgment for Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation
Network. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is the first next-generation
installment of the classic strategic RPG series featuring a swift RPG pace,
improved user mechanics and a rich, character-driven storyline.

The game takes place on the
continent of Sostegaria, where a war is waging between two opposing kingdoms.
Driven to defend his homeland, young orphan Tobias Martin recruits his gang of
friends to join him in the fight for peace. While avenging loved ones however,
the crew faces a threat that is deadlier and closer than they could ever
imagine. Using character customization options, players will experience the cast
evolving and adapting to various styles of gameplay as the battles carry on.
Vandal Hearts has always been known for its strong and memorable characters and
Flames of Judgment is no exception.

Tobias Martin: Tobias is a war
orphan, and a ward of the Church of Restoration. After losing his parents,
Tobias grew up on the streets, stealing and brawling to survive. When the Church
offered him an education, he jumped at the chance, leaving the street life
behind. He isn’t sure of much in life, but he thinks he knows right from wrong –
a belief that will soon be put to the ultimate test.

Luce Valenci: Luce is a knight of
the kingdom of Balastrade. Like many youth of her generation, she grew up
without her parents – in her case, trapped in a crooked orphanage. When she grew
old enough, she led her friends in an escape, and then followed her father’s
footsteps in the army. Now suffering a low point in her once-stellar military
career, Luce tolerates no nonsense and keeps few friends.

Altyria Jono: Altyria is a farm girl
from the other side of Balastrade’s border. Despite being blessed with a loving
family, Altyria grew up apart from her peers, finding solace in reading and
self-education. When conflict brews, and Altyria’s loved ones are scattered, she
finds herself truly alone for the first time, and must learn new ways to

Connor Ganson: Conor is a career
criminal at age sixteen, an unrepentant street thief and con artist. He grew up
alongside Tobias Martin, and the two were inseparable friends for years. When
Tobias joined the church, Connor declined to follow him, and the two have rarely
seen each other since.

Calvin Atrias: Calvin is Tobias
Martin’s younger friend. Timid and awkward, he rarely leaves the sanctuary of
the church, at least not alone. With danger closing in, Calvin must choose
whether to stay sheltered within the church walls or risk his life to help
defend them.

Gren Silas: Gren is Luce’s
right-hand man. Known as "Ten-Men Gren" for his enormous strength, Gren is
virtually silent, answers to no one but Luce and obeys her every command without
question. No one has ever seen his face – or, if they have, they haven’t lived
to tell about it.

Daldren Gray: Daldren is
Balastrade’s greatest war hero, and one of the few surviving veterans of the
twenty-year war against the rival kingdom of Urdu. Respected across the land for
his legendary valor, Daldren still serves in the field to this day, stamping out
threats to his land and its people.

Kelbrun Hale: Kelbrun is the chief
of an infamous bandit gang known as the "Fist of Enkidu." A dishonored war
veteran, Kelbrun was stripped of his rank and banished after brutally sacking a
defenseless town. His raids and robberies have grown bolder in recent months,
and his bandits are better equipped and deadlier than ever. How he came to be so
successful so quickly is not yet known.

Shance Aya: Shance is the leader of
the "Hellhounds", a relentless cabal of infallible bounty hunters. She is known,
among those few who know her, for her murderous bloodlust and delightful sense
of humor.