Konami finally patches Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3

Nearly four months passed since Konami released the Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 and frustrated gamers with dozens of glitches and gameplay problems.

Now Konami has finally introduced a complete patch for the PS3 version, the worse of the two.

Producer Tomm Hulett wrote on the Silent Hill Community forums, saying that a new patch was available on PSN.

The new patch improves the framerate and voice synch, fixes missing sound and music, resolves the fog density issues, and attends other visual/audio problems.

Konami previously admitted that the Collection was ported from an unfinished code.

"We got all the source code that Konami had on file — which it turns out wasn't the final release version of the games!" he told 1UP.

"During debug we didn't just have to deal with the expected 'porting' bugs, but also had to squash some bugs that the original team obviously removed prior to release, but we'd never seen before.

"I think at one point Heather was blue," he said.

Hulett did not announce a patch for the Xbox 360 version.

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