Konami Comments on PES 2018 on Switch “Of Course We Considered It”

The controversial publisher notes the success of the Switch.

PES is the one game you can count on Konami putting out every year. For better or worse, it's consistent and it's well-received. With the success of Nintendo Switch, many long-standing developers have been asked if their future games will appear on the Nintendo Switch. Earlier today, in fact, we learned that Final Fantasy XIV's director would like to see their MMORPG on the Switch as well. In regards to PES 2018, Konami says that they considered the idea of coming to the Switch.

Despite official announcements not mentioning Nintendo Switch as a platform for the release of PES 2018, Adam Bhatti told GamesRadar+ that the final decision was still under discussion.

“Of course we’ve considered it,” said Bhatti,  “Right now we’re not ruling it out, but for PES 2018 the formats we’ve announced are the ones [in active development].”

He then noted the success of their last Switch release, Bomberman R, which he states did fantastically.

Konami Comments on PES 2018 on Switch "Of Course We Considered It"

Konami has also been open-minded about an Xbox One X version of PES, Bhatti revealed. Discussion of the matter took place right before the reveal of the console at Microsoft's E3 conference.

“We learned about Xbox One X at around the same time you learned about it!” he says. “Things happened late. But we’ve had good conversations with Microsoft and are hopeful that it does the work for us. Once we start working with the kit we’ll assign a small amount of resource to it, and hopefully be able to do a great job.”

What's more exciting? PES 2018 in 4K brilliance, or the freedom of playing PES at home or on the go at a moments whim?