Kojima promises blood in Metal Gear Solid V

The newest entry to the MGS franchise feels like the end of an era, for good reason.

While plenty of us are still mourning and grousing over the loss of Silent Hills, it’s easy to forget that Kojima’s final Konami project, Metal Gear Solid V, will be upon us in a few short weeks.

Via his Twitter feed, Kojima posted a shot of a battle bruised Snake and promised that by the end of it all “you’ll be soaked in blood”. Kojima continued by saying Snake’s iconic blue bandana will also be sopping, but that "story wise, he won't be wearing (it) as Snake broke up w/ the bandana given by THE BOSS in PW. But…(the) player has freedom of selecting bandana when going on the battlefield."


Metal Gear Solid V comes to consoles and PC on September 1st.