KOEI Announces Prey the Stars

 July 15, 2008


KOEI whets gamers’ appetites with a
fun-filled puzzle action romp coming October 2008

KOEI today announced that Prey the Stars™ is
coming to North America in October 2008 exclusively for Nintendo DS.

Prey the Stars serves up an incredible world
where nearly anything from food items to entire buildings can be devoured.
Players must bite, lick, and suck their way to victory as one of the game’s
four insatiable and customizable creatures: GABU, BARI, CHUCHU, and PERO.
The more these characters eat, the bigger and more voracious their stomachs
will become. It’s an engaging and addictive game for anyone with a taste for

About Prey the Stars
The main objective of Prey the Stars is to eat everything in sight and to
attack your opponents. Each of the games colorfully-themed stages are
cleared by devouring as much as possible before time runs out. The player
with the highest score at the end of the stage is the winner. Each player
scores points by eating and by sucking in "spirits" which are hidden in some
objects. The bigger the item, the higher the score!

Prey the Stars offers a delicious smorgasbord of multiplayer options. Gamers
can feast with up to 4 friends using local Wireless DS Single-Card Download
Play or Multi-Card Play. Players can also take their gastronomic conquest
worldwide with Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection.

Exclusive character designs for Prey the Stars were created by break-out
Japanese pop artist TOUMA. The highly-respected designer is renowned for his
whimsical and edgy creations including, Knuckle Bear and Boo, that have
taken the urban vinyl toy industry by storm.

Developed by KOEI CANADA, Prey the Stars is rated "E" (Everyone – Comic
Mischief) by the ESRB. Play is for 1-4 players using local Wireless DS
Single-Card Download Play, Wireless Multi-Card Play, and via Nintendo Wi-Fi
Connection. The suggested retail price is US$29.99.


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