Knack unboxing video compares size of PS4 and PS3 game cases

Earlier this week, YouTuber Lewis Williamson posted an unboxing video of PS4 exclusive Knack. While the game technically won't release until the PS4 launches in mid-November, Williamson was able to get his hands on an early copy of the game thanks to EB Games.

Among the things revealed is that Sony has apparently shifted away from included game manuel booklets in the case (as it does with the Vita). An install size of 36GB was also revealed.

But the big question is just how big are the actual PS4 game cases compared to the PS3? Until now, most images we've seen of PS4 game cases have been on their own. Williamson held Knack up to a copy of GTA 5 on PS3, revealing the size of the game cases are just about the same. The key differences are the blue case and a larger title, but the actual boxes appear the same size. While I personally prefer the size of a standard DVD case, it's hardly make or break for me.

How do you feel about the size of the PS4's game cases?