Kixeye goes mobile with Backyard Monsters and new studio

The San Francisco-based company Kixeye, developer of combat strategy games like War Commander and Battle Pirates on Facebook, has opened an Australian branch and partnered with Ngmoco to release Backyard Monsters on mobile devices.

Brandon Barber, senior vice president of marketing at Kixeye, explained its intentions to GamesBeat.

“It is not like a major diversification because we are 99 percent focused on Facebook,” Barber said in an interview. ”Mobile is not a core focus for us. But in conversations with Ngmoco, we found they had ideas on how to make Backyard Monsters fun on mobile while remaining true to the Facebook version.”

With Ngmoco, Kixeye will publish Backyard Monsters on the global Mobage platform. The game will be available for iOS and Android this summer.

Kixeye plans to release a number of new games this year.

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