Kingdoms of Amalur dev recommends installing to Xbox 360 hard drive

It may not be required, but it is strongly being urged by Big Huge Games' Ian Frazier to install Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to your Xbox 360 hard drive.

It's no secret that Kingdoms of Amalur is massive.  Game designer Ken Rolston has already boasted about the game's  "way-too-big" and "way-too-much" approach.  So with a mentality like that and the massiveness of Amalur, you can imagine why Frazier recommends installing the game to the hard drive.

"If you have a hard drive, for the love of god, please install," lead designer Ian Frazier told OXM. "If you're on 360, please install. You will have much, much smaller load screens. Please, please, for the love of all that's holy, install."

With "around 130" hand-crafted dungeons, you'll want those load times to pass as quickly as possible.  If he recommends the install, I'm doing it.