Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Opens the Door to an Untold World this Summer

March 16, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Opens the Door to an Untold World this Summer

Prequel to the Mega-Hit Franchise
Comes to the PSP

 Square Enix, Inc. announced
today that KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep will be released in North America this
Summer. Coming exclusively to the PSP, the game is a prequel that reveals the
untold origins of the popular KINGDOM HEARTS franchise.

KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is the
highly anticipated fifth installment in the beloved RPG series that has shipped
over 14 million copies worldwide. Enjoy three unique gaming experiences through
three main characters – Terra, Ventus and Aqua – in order to uncover the
mysteries of the story. With a distinctive battle system and multiplayer mode,
KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep adds a new depth to the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise.

The game also introduces Disney
worlds and characters that have never been seen in previous KINGDOM HEARTS
titles, including Sleeping Beauty’s Enchanted Dominion, the Dwarf Woodlands from
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Deep Space from Lilo and Stitch. In
addition, all-new stages have been added to familiar worlds like Neverland from
Peter Pan. Disney lovers will rejoice at seeing their favorite characters appear
on the handheld arena.


Long before Sora was chosen by his
Keyblade, the worlds’ safety lay in the hands of Keyblade Masters.

Three youths — Terra, Ventus, and
Aqua — have been training long and hard under Master Eraqus to prove that they,
too, exhibit the Mark of Mastery.

But they will soon find themselves
in the middle of a crisis affecting worlds far beyond their own—just as another
Keyblade Master, Xehanort, goes mysteriously missing.

Three friends, three destinies.
Everything will link back to the beginning.


  • An essential piece to the KINGDOM
    HEARTS series arrives on the PSP system: From world renowned creator and
    character designer Tetsuya Nomura comes the latest installment in the beloved
    KINGDOM HEARTS series. The vibrant and colorful KINGDOM HEARTS world comes to
    life through stunning graphics in 16:9 widescreen presentation, made possible
    by the PSP system hardware.

  • Disney worlds and characters new
    to the KINGDOM HEARTS series: Disney worlds and characters never before seen
    in KINGDOM HEARTS, such as Enchanted Dominion (Sleeping Beauty) and Castle of
    Dreams (Cinderella) will make their first appearances in KINGDOM HEARTS Birth
    by Sleep.

  • Three distinct gaming experiences
    through the eyes of three protagonists: Unravel the mystery surrounding the
    origin of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga through the tales of three unique characters
    – Terra, Ventus and Aqua. The whole story is revealed only after playing
    through with all three characters.

  • An action-packed combat system
    with intuitive controls: The familiar action-packed experience that KINGDOM
    HEARTS fans have come to embrace returns with an enhanced battle system, with
    all new features such as Command Styles, Command Decks, Shotlocks and
    Dimension Links. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is the most advanced KINGDOM
    HEARTS title to date.

  • Four exciting multiplayer modes:
    Share the excitement and fun with your friends with four brand-new multiplayer
    modes: Versus, Arena, Command Board and Rumble Racing.

  • New game features: The North
    American release will include a number of new features including Crown
    Stickers, an extra boss and additional multiplayer options.

KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is
rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older). Please visit the Entertainment Software
Rating Board (ESRB) website at for more information about ratings.

The official website can be found at