Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop figures revealed

New Pop Vinyls and keychains for the greatest franchise ever are on the way

Funko Pop figures are taking over the world. If it exists, there is (or will be) a Funko Pop of it. Naturally, some of the largest video game, movie, and television franchises have their own line of Funko Pop figures, and now the company added one more franchise to the mix. New Pop figures and keychains based ont he Kingdom Hearts series have been revealed.

Seven new Pop Vinyl figures have been announced, including two each for Pete, Donald, Goofy, as well as Mickey and Chip and Dale ones.

Some of these will be retailer exclusives. The black-and-white Pete will only be found at Walmart, Kingdom Goofy at GameStop, and Kingdom Donald at Hot Topic. The rest will be released more broadly. All of these figures will arrive in April.

Before those hit stores, Funko will also release Pop keychains featuring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. These are expected to debut in March.

The latest game int he series, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, released last month on PlayStation 4. Looking ahead to a currently unannoucned date, we have Kingdom Hearts 3 in the pipeline.