King Oddball releases for PS Vita today

Hitting the PS Vita today is a game from 10tons called King Oddball. The game will undoubtedly get draw comparisons to Angry Birds, as it's an eccentric, skill-based puzzler where you clear levels of enemies by lobbing rocks at them and destroying structures. 

On PlayStation Blog, Jaakko Maaniemi, the PR coordinator for 10tons, stressed the physics of the game. The physics engine has been fine-tuned so that accuracy and predictability with bounces and rolls are where they need to be. Timing is also a big factor in the game. King Oddball's levels all fit in a single screen. The King automatically picks up the rocks and swings them back and forth using his tongue. This is where you come in; you release the rock by pressing X or tapping the screen. You'll have to take out multiple enemies with a single rock at times, so timing and planning are at a premium.

There is a free trial available for the game, so make sure to check it out if you're looking for a new game to play on your Vita. 

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