Kinect Sports Rivals ‘Preseason’ coming as Xbox One launch title

Kinect Sports Rivals may have been delayed until spring 2014, but to help you prepare for the grueling season, Microsoft will provide a free trial version of the game to all Xbox One owners at launch in November.

As a free trial experience, Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason will offer players the game's wave racing mini-game along with monthly challenges and in-game rewards all the way up until March 2014.

To take full advantage of the offers, you'll need to download the free trial between November 22 and November 30. This will allow you to earn points towards unlocking the special "Founder" player title, an exclusive Kinect Sports Rivals wetsuit, and a Kinect Sports Rivals wake racer to commemorate the launch of Xbox One.

The free trial will launch alongside the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub, the main page to track player progress across monthly challenges.

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