Killzone: Mercenary gets two free maps with today’s update

Matt of TD Guerrilla Cambridge announced on the Killzone forums that Killzone: Mercenary is getting two free maps as part of today's update. 

The update to the game was made available at 7 a.m. ET today, and it requires 167 MB of free space on your PS Vita's memory card. The two maps included in the update are "Tharsis Depot" and "Blood Gracht" — both remade from the multiplayer of Killzone 2

Tharsis Depot is a subterranean mining platform that has been converted to process nuclear Petrusite. It's a good map to play Guerilla Warfare or Warzone on. Blood Gracht is set in the most ruined but recovering city of Pyrrhus. It features suburban buildings, winding alleyways and canals. 

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