Killzone Mercenary gets PS TV Support and then some

Guerilla can definitely support a game.

A year (and some change) ago we saw the release of the PlayStation Vita's Killzone Mercenary. Since it's release Guerilla Cambridge hasn't abandoned their project, no it's far from that.

Guerilla Cambridge has in fact been supporting Killzone Mercenary through a series of updates, some freed up space, some added free maps and game modes and now, one added PS TV support. 

You read right! Killzone Mercenary is hitting the big screen. Because it's home is on the Vita, the DualShock's touch mechanics added a new feel to the game. The best part is, Guerrilla has worked hard to make sure that the game is balanced for both Vita and PS TV players — no one will have an advantage over the other!

PS TV support isn't the only thing coming in the latest update, there's also a restart-from-checkpoint system in the game!

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