Killer Instinct at 90 FPS, a 3rd season and PC Crossplay revealed

Some interesting details coming out of EVO 2015

With the Killer Instinct championships ending today at EVO 2015, we got some interesting details coming out of the game's official Twitter account. One of the most fascinating is that the game wheel actually runs at 90FPS which is the main reason for the incredible smoothness of the games' online play. Anyone who has played Killer Instinct online can vouch for this as there is never any lag and one of the best running games online to date. For PC playes, huge news is that you will not need to repurchase the game if you own it on Xbox One already as it will carry over and there will be cross play with the Xbox One!

The studio also revealed that Season 2 is most likely going to be released on physical disc while the response to the Season 3 question should get you all excited. "Everything is possible" was their response and would be a landmark season for Killer Instinct if released. As many of the original characters have been released already, a third season would need to account for mostly all new characters which would definitely be an interesting addition to the franchise. With how well Iron Galaxy has brought Season 2 of Killer Instinct to us, a third season would most definitely be welcome as it is routinely viewed as the best fighting game to date. You can see the rest of the studio's responses below