Kid Icarus: Uprising developer shuts down

Project Sora, the developer behind Kid Icarus: Uprising for 3DS, is closing its doors after only a single release.

Super Smash Bros. and Kirby designer Masahiro Sakurai founded the company in 2009, thanks to funding from Nintendo and primary studio Sora.

The now defunct Kid Icarus: Uprising studio, a subsidiary of Nintendo, technically closed on June 30, and their website will disappear at the end of this month. So far, no reason for the termination has been given, although according to copyright information on the game's website, Project Sora was established simply for development purposes.

That means Sora Ltd. is still around, but Nintendo has yet to comment on the future of Project Sora's employees.

Sakurai is collaborating with Namco Bandai on the next Super Smash Bros. entry.

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