Kid Icarus stand is latest Nintendo embarrassment

Many early previews of Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS seemed to share a common complaint: the controls. The Sin & Punishment-style rail shooter has players moving about using the circle pad, while also aiming shots on the touchpad, the kind of awkward setup which seems would be better suited for a device with two analog sticks. Unfortunately, Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro attachment came too late in the game for the developers to implement support for the optional second stick (though it will let left handed players better enjoy the game… which is something). So it seems Nintendo went back to the drawing board to look for an even more ridiculous way to improve the controls.


For a quick second let's recall why portable gaming is enjoyable, namely, because you can do it anywhere! So the idea of a portable game which requires an unweildy plastic stand to be playable, makes me wonder why I'm not just sitting in front of my Xbox. No word yet on whether the Icarus Stand will be coming to North America, but it will supposedly come bundled with all Japanese copies of the game.

I can't wait to see how many gizmos my 3DS is covered in a year from now.

[Source: GiantBomb]