Kickstarter: Timespinner splices Metroidvania and Megaman X into something I need

Alright, fine, sure, I have a bias towards my love of Metroidvania games. I deny nothing. When something is described to me as “A beautifully pixelated 2D Metroidvania about a young woman who travels through time to destroy an empire” my attention is officially gained. In my own little world, that is powerful recipe. This is Timespinner.

As a Metroidvania game, you know there is going to be some exploration, gear-gateing, platforming, and action. You’ll play as the heroine Lunais who has taken it upon herself to travel through time to stop technologically powerful empire and to avenge her family. Imagine if Samus and Megaman X combined into some driven blue haired time-traveling angel of vengeance – that’s Lunais. Through time travel, she can change events from the past to greatly weaken the empire’s power in her time and even the future.

The Kickstarter boasts:

  • Time stop mechanic to evade foes and use as platforms
  • Exploration
  • Fight enemies with magical orbs and powers
  • Upgrade abilities and purchase new ones
  • Discover hidden areas and treasure
  • Fight massive bosses
  • Adventure with a familiar

If you’re liking what you see, you have until the end of the week to help in funding the project. According to the current funds and stretch goals, we can expect Timespinner to come out on Steam, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. The goals are close to a New Game + and costumes. Who knows what will happen in four days? Is time travel an option?