Ketsujin Studios Announces the Launch of Fighter Ace 3.8

Ketsujin Studios Announces the
Launch of Fighter Ace 3.8

Toronto, ON — July 19, 2005 —
Ketsujin Studios is pleased to announce their first major release of Fighter Ace
since acquiring the game earlier this year. Fighter Ace 3.8 will be available
July 19, 2005 as the first in a series of updates planned to keep the Fighter
Ace on the cutting edge of online action games.

The staff of Ketsujin Studios are no
strangers to Fighter Ace. Founder, Mark Vange, and the programming team
originally created and launched Fighter Ace in 1997 as the first Premium title
for Microsoft’s MSN Gaming Zone. The reunion between Fighter Ace and Ketsujin
Studios marks a return of the love of flight, innovation and technology that
first created the game. “I am very happy to be able to bring a new version of
Fighter Ace to the wonderful community of players, both present and past, who
enjoy the thrill and romance of World War II era aerial combat,” said Mark Vange,
President of Ketsujin Studios. “The Fighter Ace Volunteer Group is standing by
to welcome and support new and returning players,” adds Jay Gardner, the head of
the Fighter Ace Volunteer Group.

Fighter Ace is a
massively-multiplayer online flight combat game in which hundreds of players
fight each other in authentic World War II era combat planes for control of the
skies. Players capture enemy territory and installations using a variety of
fighter, bomber and transport planes, while enemy shipping is fair game for
torpedo and bomb laden attackers. Players battle daily in the open arenas while
weekly special events allow both individual players and squads to compete for
glory and renown.

Fighter Ace features over a hundred
meticulously modeled World War II aircraft from each of the five major
combatants of the war. Over twenty detailed maps allow players to do battle with
each other over terrain ranging from the pyramids and desert sands of Egypt to
the windswept snowdrifts and icy fjords of Murmansk to the steaming jungles and
shark-infested waters of the Solomon Islands. Every aspect of air combat is
included, from screaming attacks in a Stuka dive-bomber to fearless torpedo runs
in an Avenger and high-altitude bombing missions in a Flying Fortress.

Fighter Ace 3.8

An active and vibrant community
interacts on Ketsujin’s dedicated newsgroup servers and the Fighter Ace website
  includes information about the many
aircraft, battlegrounds and events featured in the game. Fighter Ace includes
full support for player organized squadrons and free-lancing single pilots
alike. Whether in a squad or independently, everyone can join the fun.

Fighter Ace can be enjoyed for the
low price of only $14.95 USD per month and new players can take advantage of a
two-week free trial with no obligation. For more information about Fighter Ace
and the Two Week Free Trial, visit