Keiji Inafune on His Job: I Hate It!

Capcom’s Keiji Inafune surprised us all in a recent interview. The man known for his work on many of Capcom’s top games, including the Mega Man franchise, Resident Evil and Dead Rising, says that he hates his job.

While speaking with an interviewer about some of the challenges and the work involved with creating games, the interviewer says that it seems as if Inufane loves his job.

“It’s the oppositeā€¦I hate it! I want to retire early and take it easy,” was Inufane’s response.

He adds that he doesn’t allow himself to take things easy with his line of work, even though in his position he could probably do a small amount of work on a game and get paid well, but he adds, “There are loads of creators like that, but I’m not like that. If things are difficult while they are doing it they can become a leader and creator.”

It sounds like he would rather be a good leader than just a name on a game. That’s commendable, but it sounds like it’s causing him a lot of stress. Given, it’s hard to read context in a translation. We don’t know if he was half-serious, or what tone he spoke in when saying this. Another way to look at it is that he may just hate that aspect of his job, but enjoys working on a product that will be enjoyed by millions. It’s hard to say, but the quote above definitely makes it sound like he’s having a rough time right now.

Via Kotaku