Kate Bishop continues the story in Marvel’s Avengers next month

Free for all owners

Square Enix shared the date for the first big content drop to Marvel’s Avengers. On December 8th, Kate Bishop joins the colorful cast of heroes and tells a new story. You can learn more about all the upcoming new content in the special War Table Deep Dive below!

It’s no secret that Crystal Dynamics’ jab at the live-service genre of games failed to meet expectations. Marvel’s Avengers not only failed to reach the success of the popular movie franchise but it failed to convince as a regular game too.

Both publisher Square Enix and the developers are aware of this, and they vowed to improve their game. Of course, that takes some time. But existing players of Marvel’s Avengers can still look forward to new content all the like.

With Kate Bishop, a new playable hero character joins the fray. Players not only can look forward to an entirely new playstyle and cosmetics but a whole new story as well. Later takes off right where the base game ended.

The developer promises an exciting new chapter where Kate tries to save her mentor Clint ‘Hawkeye’ Barton. It features time travel, so expect the unexpected. Best of all, all new content will be available for free to every owner of Marvel’s Avengers.

The same also goes for future new content. Speaking of, the new War Table feature ends up teasing what’s in store after Kate Bishop. Comic book fans should be thrilled to learn that Maestro is incoming. For those who don’t know, that is a fan-favorite storyline set in a post-apocalyptic future where an aged Hulk (Maestro) is the only living being left on earth.

So, despite a very rocky launch, 2021 looks promising for Marvel’s Avengers. Even if the developers have their work cut out for them to improve on the many issues of the game.