Karma’s rework is on the horizon for League of Legends

League of Legends champion Karma isn't the most popular character. Sure, she’s got very small player base of folk dedicated to her… but, overall, she’s just not performing to the levels Riot and their fan base want out of the enlightened one. This has caused the champion creation team to put her file back on the table and try to bring her to a more desirable place.

While they have yet to release her new kit, her new splash are has taken her into a new direction – it’s looking pretty damn good too. Morello has confirmed that a dev diary post will be coming in the very near future. The new Karma will also be on the public test server very soon.

The direction of the new Karma is detailed by Riot Grumpy Monkey:

First, we made sure that Karma’s new look showed off her status as a paragon of Ionia while appearing unique on the battlefield. Her floating fans weren’t cutting it as magical conduits, so we replaced them with a powerful manifestation of her Ionian will. Now, Karma carries the draconic symbol of Ionia with her at all times. We also decked her out in Ionian garb to emphasize her allegiance. We also crafted a new set of animations that emphasized her status as a champion of Ionia rather than a matronly diplomat.

Karma in Game

So in a nut shell, kit aside, Riot did nor portray Karma in the light someone in her position should be in. Soooo… they changed it. Also, I didn’t mention the best part. Since Karma is getting a new base skin, her OLD skin will be added as an alternative skin for her to use. You also get it for FREE if you currently own her. Not too shabby Riot.

I’ve always liked the idea of Karma and hopefully these changes will make her popular for the first time. 

Karma Splash