Justin Bieber teaming up with 2K Sports for new basketball game

Forbes dropped the ball on some surprising news today: Justin Bieber and 2K Sports have, like, totally hooked up.

The company met Bieber in Los Angeles on February 21 to perform a motion capture session for its NBA 2K franchise. The teenage heartthrob (@justinbieber)‏ later tweeted about the get-together: "shoutout to @Ronnie2K – everyone follow him. good people.thanks for the good time. the eye will heal. ha.”

Ronnie 2K 2K12, the "source for everything at 2K Sports," responded, "Good day with the fellas. They can ball @thatrygood @KennyHamilton @justinbieber @scooterbraun @alfredoflores. #wheelsup to The Bay."

Some sources claim that Bieber will be used in a returned form of Celebrity Street Ball mode in NBA 2K13, while other thought a 2K13 Versus Any DLC update for NBA 2K12 more likely.

The eighteen-year-old Canadian pop star is a passionate basketball fan.