Just Cause 2 Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack Available Now

Starting today, the explosive Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack is available to
download, containing three game-changing prototype weapons for agents with an
appetite for destruction!

The latest add-on pack is the perfect tool for players with a craving for
combat and little care for collateral damage. Containing three experimental and
highly volatile prototype weapons, the pack is the final word in wide-scale
carnage and features:

  • Quad Rocket Launcher: half shotgun, half rocket launcher, all carnage
  • Cluster Bomb Launcher: the natural successor to the grenade launcher
  • Air Propulsion Gun: a highly experimental jet-powered blast weapon,
    powerful enough to send vehicles and soldiers skyward

The Black Market ‘Boom’ pack is available from today for €1.99/£1.60/$1.99
from the PlayStation Store and Steam, and 160 Microsoft Points from Xbox LIVE
Marketplace. Be sure to check out the official website at JustCause.com to see
the downloadable content trailer, showcasing the incredible destruction
available from the Black Market ‘Boom’ Pack, the previously released Black
Market ‘Aerial’ Pack and many other free and paid-for items available to
download now.