Just how powerful is the PS4 over the PS3? Here is an explanation in Dragon Ball Z terms

Dragon Ball Z is probably one of the more influential anime shows, both in its country of origin, Japan, and over here in the States as well. It's then not that surprising that this ad tries to showcase the power of the PS4 in comparison to its predecessor, the PS3, in Dragon Ball Z terms. Or more specifically, to Freeza's power level.

To give you some context, much throughout the early arcs of Dragon Ball Z, characters would measure their strength based on a power level, which would always let their opponent know how powerful they are, and if they're able to be defeated. The numbers always got progressively more ridiculous, to the point where the show just stopped caring about them. The Freeza PS4 ad works pretty much the same way.

The translation on the ad reads:

  • If you compare the PS3 to Freeza’s first form (battle power 530,000)
  • PS4 is a monster machine like the fourth form of Freeza (battle power 60 million).
  • [8GB Memory] -> 16 times the PS3. Power: Can use the Death Beam 16 times at the same time.
  • [8 Cores] -> 8 Times the PS3. Number of programs that can be executed: The Ginyu Force is now 40 people.
  • [Memory GDDR5] -> 7 Times the PS3. Processing Speed: Will move seven time quicker.

Wait what?! All silliness aside, this is probably one of the more genius ways to explain the raw power of the PS4, in non-technical terms. Even without the translation, the picture clearly shows me that the PS3 can be compared to Freeza in his first form, with the Ginyu Squad as backup, while the PS4 now has Freeza in his final form, with 8 Ginyu Squads. Simple!

Thanks Dualshockers, this gave me quite a laugh today.