Just Dance app tops 1 million combined downloads

Not only is the Just Dance 3 game a hot purchase, but so is the app that goes along with it.  Ubisoft's Just Dance 3 Autodance app has been downloaded more than 1 million times in the UK on iOS and Android devices.

The app, which was released in November, allows users to create music videos from short clips they film while playing Just Dance 3 with their phone's camera.

Latest numbers show more than six million user videos have been created, with 1.5 million uploaded to Facebook profiles and more than  200,000 shared on the official Autodance YouTube channel.

"Just Dance 3 is fun, social entertainment for home consoles and the Autodance App communicates this virally on smartphones to a broad, socially connected audience," said Ubisoft's UK head of digital marketing Alan Dykes.

"Its phenomenal user-generated success mirrors the tremendous sales of the boxed product and Autodance's continued high download and usage volumes will reinforce Just Dance's iconic brand identity with the existing userbase and guarantee a steady stream of new buyers."

Watch us as we "Take On" Just Dance 3 in the video below.