Just Cause 4 showcases overhauled Supply Drops in new Trailer

Drop it like it's hot

Swedish game developer Avalanche released a new spotlight video for Just Cause 4. In this video, we get to learn the redesigned supply drop mechanic closely. In contrast to past entries, these supply drops will form an even bigger gameplay pillar in form of progression and more. Check out the trailer!

About 6 weeks left for Just Cause 4 to arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and Avalanche is continuing with their Spotlight video series of presenting game aspects and mechanics in greater detail. The newest video focuses on supply drops which might sound a bit boring but seeing the extensive overhaul the mechanic has received, it’s anything but.

There’s the usual improvements of an ever-growing stockpile of vehicles weapons and more which players can order on-the-go to the battlefield. The figure of vehicles alone you can get delivered has reached an impressive total of 104. This includes a multitude of sports cars but also exotic and giant construction site trucks, all kinds of military variants, boats, helicopters, planes and more.

The new aspects of these supply drops are more interesting however, as they include their own progression system together with unlocks. By finishing missions, conquering areas and increasing the chaos-meter, all kinds of new gear gets unlocked for players to use in supply drops.

If only all problems could be solved by dropping a massive rock on them

Not only the contents but the way they are delivered can be upgraded as well. By achieving Chaos Milestones, new pilots get unlocked which increase the frequency at which players can call in supply drops. So, unlocking them will no doubt enhance the way you play and enable increasingly daring combat scenarios.

Avalanche further tricked out the fine detail of supply drop positioning. Now, you will have total and precise command of where and in which direction your new car, tank or even giant stone boulder will come crashing down on unexpecting foes. If this sounds overly complicating, fret not, with the introduction of multiple pilots, players will be able to assign customizable loadouts to each pilot and call them in easily via Quick Drops.