Just Cause 4 getting a Hoverboard and extra Campaign in final DLC

Highway to the Danger Zone

Square Enix and Avalanche Studios have announced that their most recent open-world mayhem simulator Just Cause 4 is getting a third and final DLC later this month, on August 29. This DLC will include a brand-new campaign and a game-changing new mechanic in form of a futuristic hoverboard. Check out the trailer here!

The news that Just Cause 4 will not only receive more DLC but that it will be a substantial update to the game may come as a big surprise. Despite the truly awesome open-world action-adventure series having a large fan based behind it, developer Avalanche Studios somehow managed to truly miss the mark with their latest attempt.

And it all started so good. With a brand-new engine powering the fourth Just Cause game, players were thrilled to play with entirely new weather mechanics, whether it’s biomes or radical and dangerous weather phenomenons. But when Just Cause 4 released in December last year, gamers were instead met with bad performance, worse visuals and a general unimaginative & bland gameplay loop. The game got the dubious honor of being the lowest-rated Just Game and put the future of the entire franchise in jeopardy.

Naturally, after such a disappointing product, many gamers were expecting the publisher and developer to quickly forget about it and set their eyes on the future. Today, we learn that in an unexpected twist, the developer was actually hard at work creating a massive final DLC for Just Cause 4.

Danger Rising is the name of this ultimate new content and will feature an entire new extra campaign and further introduce a new tool to the already vast library of game mechanics in form of a hoverboard and a gravity gun. The hoverboard will let players zoom across bodies of water even while the gravity gun is powerful enough to capture and throw tanks.

Danger Rising will be a free update to owners of the Just Cause 4 Gold Edition or Expansion Pass owners, and a paid DLC for owners of the base game.