Journey development is complete

If you've been waiting for some news regarding Journey, thatgamecompany's upcoming PlayStation Network title, you'll be happy to know that development is officially complete. That's right, the developer has finished the game.

So when is it lauching? Well, we're still not sure. Yeah, that gamecompany didn't reveal that much info. But hey, at least we know it's done. That's something, right?

News regarding Journey's developmental completion comes courtesy of an interview on VideoShock. When asked what stage of development the game was in, thatgamecompany's Kelle Santiago responded, "It's done! We await release now!"

Journey has actually been slipping under my radar, which is strange because it's exactly the type of game I usually keep tabs on. I'll definitely be watching out for it now, though. For more on Journey, check out our in-depth preview of the game.