Journey developer thatgamecompany gains $7 million for its next ‘emotionally engaging’ game

Developer thatgamecompany recently announced that a new partnership with Capital Today and other investors has netted $7 million in funds to be put toward their next project.

The announcement comes from thatgamecompany’s blog, which also details how the investment will be used:

“With this new investment, our studio is able to scale up development efforts to focus on making the best game possible in the same spirit as flOw, Flower, and Journey. We’ll also begin laying the infrastructure to self-publish, market, and distribute on our own terms for this next project and beyond.”

TGC describes the currently unannounced project as being an “emotionally engaging experience centered around human connections for players of all ages and backgrounds.”

In the same spirit as Journey, indeed.

[via Joystiq]