Journey developer reveals their next game, Sky, will launch first on iOS

Here's what thatgamecompany has been working on.

After teasing what appeared to be a mobile game back in November of last year, Journey developer, thatgamecompany has revealed Sky (trailer embedded above), a social adventure which can be played with a single finger that will release first on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. Sky was designed from the idea that it is similar to Journey but can be played with simultaneously with people around you.

From thatgamecompany's blog:

"After the release of Journey, so many fans wrote to tell us how much they enjoyed playing the game with their spouse, children or loved ones, and asked if we could create a game where they could play together.  We wanted as many people to love games, and so we were encouraged to explore this idea at thatgamecompany."

This idea of creating a larger community is what pushed the development team to move from console to mobile since there are so many more different types of people and gamers of varying skill levels that have smart phones.

The teaser trailer doesn't give away much other than the fact that the game follows a similar art style to Journey, features multiplayer, and takes place in a world above the clouds. It's unclear if the game ties into Journey at all, but from the looks of that cloud mountain with the shining light at the top in the trailer, its format should be quite similar. It would be cool if Sky represented the next phase in the adventure from Journey, but at the very least its design appears to echo what made Journey the game that it was.

Sky releases on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad this winter.