Journey becomes fastest-selling PSN game on PS3

Journey, an "experience" exclusively for the PS3, has officially broken PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store sales records, surpassing all first and third-party games to become the fastest-selling game on PSN.

"We see the personal connection between our work and the players, which is the most real and priceless reward for us," said creative director for developer thatgamecompany Jenova Chen. " For that, we thank you so much for your support, for spending time and money to play our game and for spreading the word about Journey to your dear friends and family."

Chen shared that the reaction to Journey has been even more overwhelming to that of Flower, a game previously released in 2009 which saw hundreds of players sending emails about their experience with their game.

Journey is a unique experience which sets players in the middle of a vast desert, with no map or instructions, journeying towards a mountain in the distance.  If playing online, you can encounter other players, one at a time, although you can not communicate with them via speech or text and are not shown each others' names until after completion.

In addition, fan request for the game's soundtrack has been so overwhelming that Chen also announced Journey's soundtrack will be hitting the PlayStation Store and iTunes on April 10.  There will also be a limited CD release in the "near future" as well.  Pricing for the soundtrack has not been mentioned.