Josef Fares and Geoff Keighley speak on controversial “f**k the Oscars” Game Awards speech

He's a man filled with passion.

Last week, the millions of viewers watching The Game Awards live were treated to something rather incredible in-between the announcements and awards. A Way Out developer Josef Fares came on stage with host Geoff Keighley to show off a new trailer and reveal the game's release date. The man was incredibly passionate and right off the bat began praising the show, stating that the Oscars should go "fuck themselves up".

The hyper developer went on a three and half minute "speech" about a lot of different things ranging from EA's controversial business practices, repeatedly saying "fuck the Oscars", and his immense passion. The whole thing was really incredible to watch, not because what he said was particularly anything special but it was awkward and uncomfortable. Keighley tried to steer Fares back on track multiple times only to get ignored, ultimately leading to him just telling Fares that they were cutting to the trailer for A Way Out.

Speaking to Polygon, Fares spoke about his tirade and chalked it up to his passion, even stating that he would do it regardless of the platform or stage that he was on. It wasn't really a heat of the moment thing.

“I can’t change who I am,” said Fares in a phone interview. “It’s very hard to control. When I get excited, it’s like — it’s hard to control. Like, it’s almost like: In my head I want to say something, but my mouth, it kind of, like, takes out everything.” said Fares. "I mean, I would probably do the same thing now.”

Fares, someone who has directed multiple feature films, went on to talk about how he's not really out to boycott the Oscars and more wants to have games feel as legitimate as films.

“This is an example,” said Fares. “It’s not that I have anything against [the] Oscars. But there’s a lot of talk about, like, you know, ‘This is like the Oscars.’ Like, the Oscars, the Game Awards, ‘we’re trying to be like the Oscars.’ I’m like, come on, man. I mean, it’s time for people to understand that games are, like, a serious art.”

Geoff Keighley also commented on the matter stating that he understood where Fares was coming from but doesn't think that The Game Awards needs to be compared or held up to the standards of the Oscars.

"Games are a huge force on the entertainment landscape, yet they don’t get the respect they deserve,” said Keighley. “In many ways we don’t need to be the ‘Oscars of gaming’ or to draw that comparison to the Oscars for validation or legitimacy. The Game Awards are distinct and successful on their own.”