Jonathan Kane: The Protector To Be Published By Tri Synergy

March 30, 2009

Jonathan Kane: The Protector To
Be Published By Tri Synergy

Dish out punishment to terrorists
and save the world from certain destruction at the same time!

Tri Synergy, Inc. nd Gingerbread
Studios are pleased to announce that their addicting new casual shooter,
Jonathan Kane: The Protector, will be coming to North American retail! Now
players will be able to take the role of a hardened British mercenary charged
with protecting both his beautiful comrade Jennifer from capture and the world
from certain destruction!

Scarlet Vengeance, a fanatical
terrorist faction, is searching for a powerful ancient artifact to unleash its
devastating power on the planet’s most historic peace conference. But before
these villains can find the artifact and thrust the world into darkness, they
must kidnap the one person who knows its location: beautiful US archaeologist
Jennifer Guile.

The only thing standing between
these fanatics and Jennifer is you – Jonathan Kane: The Protector!

Packed with action, suspense,
intrigue, love and betrayal, Jonathan Kane: The Protector is a searing
first-person shooter featuring intense and visceral fire-fights combined with
stunning stealth interludes. When faced with an immutable malevolence like the
terrorist group, Scarlet Vengeance, you are the planet’s only hope for survival!
The thrilling plot unravels through riveting in-game and cinematic cutscenes
that immerse you in a living, breathing world where danger lurks around every

Features include:

Outsmart and outmaneuver your
enemies during tense, tactical stealth missions.

Utilize cover as you engage highly
trained, heavily armed enemies in intense and tactical combat!

Battle your foes in a living,
breathing world, which responds to your actions with stunning realism.

The player can use the environment
as cover, lean out from behind it and shoot at enemies with minimal exposure,
and even blind fire around corners when severely pinned down.

Superb world physics where the
player is able to shoot enemies – and be shot- through thin walls, adding a
further tactical element.

Enemies intelligently seek out and
utilize cover – just like the player – making for some intense and tactically
challenging combat.

The player can disarm enemies by
shooting the weapons from their hands, leaving the AI vulnerable. Once an
enemy has been disarmed, they must either reach for a sidearm or run for cover
– both of which take time.

Enemies can grab civilians and use
them as human shields, requiring the player to shoot with even greater
precision in order to save the innocent.

Fight the forces of Scarlet
Vengeance, ranging from cannon fodder recruits to the faction’s elite guard as
you seek to find the ancient and powerful artifact before the terrorists do.

Titanic boss battles with a
difference. Highly skilled and intelligent super enemies rather than
stereotypical giants with endless hit points and just one or two weak spots.

No more searching for unrealistic
health packs and armor upgrades. Take too much damage too quickly and it’s
game over. Find some cover and you’ll slowly recover.

Numerous entertaining puzzles to
solve, which challenge but never frustrate.

Jonathan Kane: The Protector will
hit your favorite download portals & retail stores nationwide in June 2008.

ESRB Rating: MATURE with BLOOD and