Jolt Launches Utopia Kingdoms

April 29, 2009

Jolt Launches Utopia Kingdoms

Jolt Online Gaming proudly announces
the release of Utopia Kingdoms, the successor to the legendary Utopia online
game. In Utopia Kingdoms, players compete within the Utopia universe to
establish and expand their kingdoms across the land. Choose from a range of
races including Dark Elves, Avians, Trolls and many others. Battle, trade and
scheme with your fellow rulers to control your world in this Massively
Multiplayer Casual Online Game, playable in any Internet browser.

“Everyone here is extremely excited
to unleash Utopia Kingdoms onto the Internet”, “said Dylan Collins, CEO of Jolt
Online Gaming. “It looks incredible and is guaranteed to keep you away from that
Swine Flu epidemic. Why go out and risk certain death when you could just log on
and play in the legendary Utopia universe from your
Internet browser?”

You can play Utopia Kingdoms for
free in any Internet browser on PC, Mac or any other operating system. There’s
nothing to download and there are thousands of players already there. Why not
join in and see how well you would rule?

Jolt Online Gaming is one of
the leading browser games publishers in the world with millions of players
across its titles. More information can be found at and