Join The EA Gun Club And Unlock The Battlefield 3 M1911 Pistol

DICE knows how to take care of it’s fanbase. For Bad Company 2, DICE introduced a new idea for those who had played previous Battlefield Games. The term they coined them was “Battlefield Veterans”. These veterans would get a unique weapon to use in the game, which was the WWII Rifle M1 Garand.

DICE is running the same concept for Battlefield 3. Veterans will receive a weapon as well, and it’s the M1911, a .45 caliber pistol.

If you’re not a Battlefield Veteran, DICE has another way for you to unlock the M1911. You can unlock the famous pisol by becoming a member of the EA Gun Club. Despite it’s bizarre name, The Gun Club isn’t some right wing movement like it sounds. Instead, it’s a community for all shooters from EA. Fans of all types of shooter games can join the Club and receive special promo codes (i.e. weapon unlocks) and beta/demo invite codes when you sign up for the gun club. To unlock the M1911, sign up here. The specific page indicates that the gun might be available for everyone to unlock, but Gun Club members will get it much earlier.