John C. McGinley to voice main character in D3Publisher’s upcoming Dead Head Fred

May 15, 2007


“Scrubs” Actor to Add Star Power
to D3PA’s Head-Swapping Third Person-Action Game Coming Exclusively to the PSP

D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA),
and Vicious Cycle Software, Inc., today announced that John C. McGinley, a
Hollywood veteran of more than 60 feature films who is currently appearing on
the Emmy-nominated “Scrubs,” will voice the main character in Dead Head Fred™,
an original game featuring dark humor and a violent portrayal of revenge and
redemption exclusively for the PSP®. In the game, McGinley will bring to life –
or at least help reanimate – Fred Neuman, a private detective savagely murdered
and then resurrected in a bizarre scientific experiment without his memory or
his head. Dead Head Fred is scheduled to ship to retail stores in North America
on August 21, 2007.

“We are thrilled to work with Mr.
McGinley on Dead Head Fred,” said Eric Peterson, president, Vicious Cycle
Software. “His personality and vocal style perfectly compliment the character of
Fred Neuman; his talent will only further immerse players into Fred’s
exhilarating adventures.”

“Mr. McGinley is one of the most
versatile and talented actors in the business and he is the perfect choice to
bring the lead character in Dead Head Fred to life,” said Brian Christian, vice
president of business development, D3PA. “The combination of Mr. McGinley’s
superb voice acting and Vicious Cycle’s compelling storyline and gameplay will
make Dead Head Fred a must-have title for the PSP system.”

In Dead Head Fred, players will
experience an innovative and refreshing twist on action gameplay as they
collect, upgrade and switch the heads of enemies on the fly to strategically
fight malformed mutants, ghoulish gangsters, and maniacal mob bosses in a story
of revenge and redemption. Each of the 9 heads offer a unique gameplay mechanic
as players utilize special tactics and puzzle-solving to strategically progress
through the game and embark on challenging missions and fun mini-games such as
Pinball, Dirty Pool, The Feather Dome and more.

Dead Head Fred is currently rated
“RP” (“Rating Pending”) by the ESRB.

McGinley’s acting credits span two
decades and include his current work on the NBC sitcom “Scrubs” as the gruff and
worldly Dr. Perry Cox. He is also well known for his roles in films including
Are We Done Yet? (2007), Wild Hogs (2007), Identity (2003), Office Space (1999),
Talk Radio (1988), Wall Street (1987) and Platoon (1986) as well as roles in
television and theater.