Joe Danger to wheelie onto mobile devices

Developer Hello Games is working on a mobile option for Joe Danger, the motorbike stunt game that hit the PlayStation Network in 2010. The UK-based company has confirmed the game for iOS and Android.

"We want to make very much an arcade game on your mobile," said Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games. "You swipe the screen to make Joe wheelie, you nudge him in the air to affect his gravity, you can flick a barrier out of the way, or wrestle with the shark in the shark tank. You have such control that levels that would be impossible on console are much easier on the touchscreen."

The team will demonstrate the iOS version at PAX East. "Our challenge was to make an iOS game that looks as good as a console title but runs at 60 FPS even on lower spec devices," said Murray. "For me, that's the fun part I think, that challenge."

Hello Games (@hellogames) is also prepping a sequel called Joe Danger: The Movie.

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