Joe Danger games hitting Mac and Linux soon

Hello Games has announced that Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are headed to Mac and Linux on Steam "real soon."

In a blog post, the game developer wrote, "The Mac and Linux versions of JD follow the PC versions we released on Steam back in June, and they’ll have the same features, including enhanced graphics options and Steam features including leaderboards, ghost replays and sharing levels through [Steam] Workshop."

The Mac and Linux versions of Joe Danger 2 also contain a special Minecraft-themed level-building environment and Steve as a playable character, as well as a full Team Fortress 2 mercs lineup.

Hello Games also included the Ultra Hard PC Challenge on the main menu in each game.

"The Linux version is especially exciting for us because it means Joe will be ready for SteamOS," wrote Hello Games. "Basically, for us, the PC versions are the ultimate versions of Joe Danger, and we always saw Joe Danger as a living room game with you and your friends taking turns on levels, beating each others’ scores and shouting at each other like we do. So it’s kind of fitting that JD will be appearing on Linux just as SteamOS comes along and helps Steam move into the living room."

Counting those additions, the stunt-racing series is now available on six platforms, including Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, PC, and iOS. The upcoming PlayStation Vita versions due next year will make seven.