Jimmy Fallon goes hands-on with PS4’s play Killzone: Shadow Fall

Last night, Jimmy Fallon and Anthony Anderson got to do something all of us have been dying to do…play the recently announced PlayStation 4. Are you totes jealous? Yea, so am I, especially because they didn't even take advantage of their time with it. Prior to their gameplay demo, Fallon and Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst inspected the PS4's DualShock 4 controller. They even got to hold it!

We then went directly into gameplay of Killzone: Shadow Fall. Much of the three-minute demo was essentially the same sequence showcased in the reveal trailer during Sony's event, though we did learn the PS4 has allowed for new features never seen in the series — even something as simple sounding as the demo's climbing segment. According to Guerrilla, that was something they weren't "able to do with Killzone before." We also got a clearer look at Shadow Fall's slwodown mechanic, called "Focus Mode."

Things took quite a turn when Fallon got his hands on the controller. It's funny, after seeing the developers play the game in a scripted manner to see someone like Fallon just completely wreck the presentation with his all-out chaotic gameplay. It gets even funnier when Anthony Anderson gets his turn. The entire segment is pretty hilarious, though may not be the best video to show off the PS4's power.