Jim Ross rumored to return as commentator in WWE ’13

New rumors are hinting that longtime WWE commentator Jim Ross could be returning to the WWE game franchise – as early as WWE '13.

Jim was was reported to be backstage during Raw this past week, where he was rumored to be working with THQ earlier in the afternoon on providing commentary for WWE '13.

It looks like THQ is looking to bring back the classic and popular commentary duo, by reunited Jim Ross with Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

For many WWE fans, Michael Cole, who has voiced the game alongside Lawler in Smackdown vs Raw 2011 and WWE '12, was a disappointing replacement.

The return of Jim Ross should be greeted warmly by fans who were lukewarm about the commentary in WWE '12.  If rumors are true, Ross could make the commentary in WWE '13 much more exciting.  The team last worked together on WWE All Stars.

THQ hasn't commented on the rumors, but WWE Games Twitter did address the rumors, hinting that they could be true.

"We're hearing some future @WWEGames commentary rumors — good stuff! #slobberknocker"

For you WWE fans you should recognize the hashtag as Ross' go-to word when something big has happened.

[Captain Starball]