Jena Malone cast as Johanna Mason in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Hunger Games fans, you can rest easy now knowing that the role of Johanna Mason in Catch Fire has been cast.

Lionsgate announced yesterday that Jena Malone, described as an "up-and-coming actress", will take on the role of the sly and perceptive former Hunger Games victor from District 7.

Malone, 27, recently starred in the History Channel's mini-series Hatfields & McCoys alongside Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner. Other roles in Malone's past include Rocket in 2011's Sucker Punch, and Carine McCandless in 2007' Into the Wild.

Is Jena Malone a good cast for the hardened Johanna? Looks wise, Johanna is described as having wide-set eyes with spiky brown hair, muscular, and tan. As far as personality, Johanna is a fierce competitor in the Hunger Games with nothing left to lose and a "wicked ability to murder". Proficient with axes due to District 7's lumber industry, Johanna could prove to be a deadly enemy or important ally to Katniss in the upcoming film Catching Fire. Luckily, I already read the books so I know which one it is, although I won't spoil it for you.

In other Catching Fire news, Philip Seymour Hoffman was recently cast as Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker in Catching Fire. Catching Fire also has a new director on-board, with Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) at the helm.

Now that Johanna and Plutarch have ben cast, all that remains, aside from a few minor characters, is the role of Finnick Odair, a male victor from District 4 who is deadly with a trident.