Japanese Vita sales continue to sink

Things aren't looking good for the PlayStation Vita. The handheld hasn't seen a lot of worthwhile software as of late, and as a result, sales have started dipping in Japan. Last week, we reported that the Vita sold 8,931 units. Now, the numbers have gone down a bit further.

Reports indicate that Sony's latest device was only able to push 8,250 individual units. This puts the Vita below the 3DS (72,115), PlayStation 3 (17,765), and PSP (13,166).

It should be noted that all three of the platforms that beat out the Vita also dropped slightly in sales. But given the newness of Sony's handheld, it's not exactly good news that sales are dropping so quickly.

This whole thing reminds me of the 3DS fiasco. How long will it be until Sony drops the Vita's price? Will the company introduce … a third analog stick?! Seriously, I don't think any of that needs to happen. You know what does need to happen, though? Sony needs to start releasing some damn Vita games, that's what!


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