Japan: Increase in 3DS Sales After Price Drop

A wise man once said, “Numbers don’t lie,” and he was most certainly right. Following the recent price drop of the 3DS, Nintendo is starting to see sales figures rise for the handheld in Japan. Ah, the price drop aftermath is in effect.

According to Enterbrain, Nintendo managed to sell 214,821 3DS units following the system’s price cut, reports Andriasang. These sales figures were recorded between August 8 and August 14. Funnily enough, the 3DS didn’t get its price cut in Japan until August 11, so it seems some folks were too eager to wait for the reduction.

Reports also indicate that the recent sale of nearly 215,000 3DS systems is the highest weekly total since the 3DS launch in Japan, where Nintendo pushed a total of 371,326 units. These are certainly impressive numbers, and they indicate that the Big N’s strategy to lower the price of its latest dual screen handheld is working. Well, it’s working so far, at least.

Can Nintendo keep it up in the coming months? How will North America and Europe respond to the price cut? Will the release of more solid content in the future further help 3DS sales?