Japan Gets Tales of Graces F Special Edition

It’s no secret that Japan gets some awesome video game swag while other parts of the world aren’t treated to nearly as many gaming items. Between PlayStation 3 consoles with kick-ass designs and celebratory Dragon Quest goodies, you can bet the Land of the Rising Sun is a great place for gamers who have loads of money to spend. Now the Japanese are getting something else that should make RPG enthusiasts in North America a little jealous.

A special 15th Anniversary Edition of Tales of Graces F is set to release in Japan. The PlayStation 3 disc will commemorate the 15-year Tales series and will be priced around 4,720 yen ($60). The price is a steep for anyone who owns the original version of the game, but for those who have yet to play Tales of Graces F, this is a modest value.

No word on what special content the disc will include, but Japanese gamers can pre-order their copies of Tales of Graces F 15th Anniversary Edition right now. The thing I find funny is that Tales of Graces F is due out in North America sometime in 2012. Thus far, the game has seen Japanese releases on the Wii and on the PlayStation 3, and now this third release arrives in August.

Since 2009, gamers in Japan have been playing Tales of Graces. We still have a lot of time until it comes here, to North America. Namco Bandai, hurry up with our localization, will you?