All January Nintendo Direct rumors in one place; GTA V, Virtual Console, more

Over the past week, countless rumors have pointed towards a Nintendo Direct taking place later this month on January 11th. Nintendo has yet to confirm this date, however, there have been plenty of rumors around what Nintendo will be showing off.

Most of the rumors include similar items like an Animal Crossing announcement, a Mario game, mention of the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, and something about Mother3. None of the news is confirmed and very much a rumor. Take all items should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you want to go the 4chan route, there are two rumors.

Here’s one:

Here’s the other:

The Reddit rumor, which is based on a previous rumor and from the same source, includes a number of details on non-Nintendo specific rumblings. You can find the Nintendo related details paraphrased below and further details at the prior link:

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